Monday, August 31, 2009


So, Project Runway Season 6 has finally just begun! and I carry on relying on the generous people who uploads them onto Youtube to catch up with the craze. I've not always loved Project Runway, I used to think the challenges were too made-for-TV, unrealistic, and the judges' verdict a little disappointing. However, the recent 3 cycles with their respective winners Jeffrey Sebelia, Christian Siriano and Leanne Marshall made me believe in it more. The quality of the contestants have been much higher and their designs more convincing to me that they could be actual fashion designers in the current scene.

So far, I do not have a favourite yet, and I am super annoyed that Mitchell is still hanging on like that annoying person in ya life who you never know why he/she manages to survive around still. I was disappointed to see Ari go the first week, but I thought, OK, maybe Nina is right, MAYBE Mitchell just failed this one week and it did seem like he MIGHT have an opinion to come through yet. But then week 2 came, and Mitchell is still acting like an idiot, I was mad seeing Melvin go , especially when he did by losing to Mitchell! Mitchell's clearly a slop who's just clinging onto the edge and will be eliminated very soon (hopefully) anyways. He's whiney, annoying and can't sew. Let's have some real designers here man!! Ari and Melvin's ouftis were inappropriate for their tasks, but at least it showed that they were creative and could execute with skills. I mean I know they had issues to work on too and weren't the best, but Oh please please please, take Mitchell away from us soon.

What do you think?

Week 1 "Red Carpet Look" Challenge bottom two :



Week 2 "Pregnancy Chic" Challenge Bottom Two:



Ok, actually after posting the pictures and looking at the outfits again, I guess if you didn't see what went behind the scenes, Mitchell's oufits did seem less ridiculous....

Well, OK, let's see what  he pulls out of his arse next week!

I also managed to find the All Star Challenge to watch! It was very exiciting to watch all these designers we've come to know and love from the past seasons, designers who we know will not disappoint us! True to Project Ruway fashion, all the designers seemed like in a pickle, and things weren't finished until the last minute, but when they were, magic adorns the stage!

I agreed with the judge's choice very much, I loved Daniel's collection the most, and I would wear every piece! However, I thought they weren't original enough... I somehow feel I've seen them done before already. Especially the Red Carpet final look, that dress looks very Gareth Pugh!

I never got Korto's aesthetics fully... somehow her designs don't seem current to me. They are always a little off to me.... but the judges loved it! (I loved her final collection at Bryant Park in her competing season much more.)

I think Mychael's outfits had some good ideas, but didn't like the colours. However, the simplicity of the sporty-ish (?) Berry dress was very refreshing.

Jeffrey's always been my favourite, love his Rock 'N' Roll styles, but a couple of his outfits here seemed too messy...  I definitely love the first Sequined little dress, loveee it! but the Jumpsuit, with that styling?

Satino's collection was perhaps a bit too easy, but I quite liked it too, tho that grey shimmery/rubbery lycra is... well, maybe let me lose about 50 pounds first, thanks.


My recent most exciting fashion find...

One of the most exciting things I bought recently is not an item of clothing, not accessories, not shoes!
They're simply a few 2nd hand props to neatly organise/display my accessories! I have so many bangles and rings that it's hard to find a way to store them. Sure, I suppose I COULD just put them all in a big old box, but that way I'd often forget what I own, and not use them to their best or buy things I already have! These props are just the PERFECT way to display them :-) Since I am much of an exhibitionist. Hehe, I'd like to show off, even just to myself :-P

Plus somehow you never know where to find these things when you actually look... I just stumbled upon them when shopping in Sham Shui Po for materials to make my accessories! They are only $10-$20 each. They have been used hence a little old, but still in very usable conditions!

Lovessss it! MAD!

Some from my latest collection, Vive.

Karen Elson still RULES

As much as I was bored to death by the US Vogue, an editorial with Karen Elson and a few other models caught my attention--- to be more precise, Karen took my breath away alone.

She's always been one of my favourite supermodels. Her flaming hair, porcelain complexion, fabulous cheekbones and that classic yet a lil "Bitch Please" face. She absolutely kills it! Despite the yawns inducing styling and overall mediocrity, Karen just screams in every picture and you just can't stop looking at her!

US Vogue, September 2009, "In The Mood"

I bought the American Vogue September issue a few days ago... and it reminds me why I hadn't bought it for so long.

US Vogue SUCKS. I'm sorry, I don't care if Anna Wintour is supposed to be the Queen Bee, the Holy Saint of fashion, the untouchable. Her magazine sucks.

First, in no exaggeration, the first 4/3 of the magazine is solid advertisements. I got so annoyed flipping through pages and pages waiting to find SOME magazine content, and then, when I found them. I wondered if I bought an old issue. The styling is so boring and frankly quite outdated. I feel like I've seen it all already... and a long time ago!!!

However, flipping through the pages, an ad for Conde Nast Store caught my attention, and I visited their online gallery for a pleasant surprise:

It's basically a huge library of Vintage fashion images!! I love it!! The old school fashion photography is just so breath taking, the composition is more graphic, and the colour use are vivid. The shapes are revoluntionary, even to this date!

Yet another attempt...

So I am setting up a new fashion blog, again! I wanted to start a blog which focuses primarily on Fashion, something I had tried before but the un-user-friendliness of Blogger had condensed my enthusiasm for it. (or I was just too attached to Xanga that adapting to a new blogging home was too difficult for me?) (and more precisely, that 'attempt' lasted for no more than 2 posts, ANYWAYS...)

I also currently write a fashion blog at, a popular forum-based website in Hong Kong. However, I am required to write in Chinese there, and I find that writing in Chinese also takes away some of my enthusiasm and drive to keep it up, since it is too time consuming for me, and also that I am supposed to post only once every 2 weeks, but I am such a quick tempered person, things that interest me right now, would bored me to death in 2 weeks time, hence, by that time, I'd have lost sight of what I wanted to write about already....I want to write a blog now now now, with new hot now things! Right this second!

So, let's embark on this new journey!

I recently quit my job, which many of you know... was a complete hell hole, also a place I do not want to look back. Whatever happened, now I am jobless, was it a wise decision to quit without landing a new job first? I do not want to look back no more and torture myself. Sometimes not having a job make it hard to keep a focus, and I find myself slowly slipping away from my fashion-filled everyday fantasy land. Another thing is that, being the shopping addict that I am, now that I do not have INCOME, I feel too bad when I shop.... and I realised why it is so important to have a job. No, not because of a 'future', not because of making one self purposeful, no no no, I have one simple selfish mission. I need to shop, I need income, money in the bank, so I can justify my shopping, and to continue shopping. I am not a designer labels girl (mainly becasue I can't afford them, otherwise you'll bet I'm blinging out full gear in Balmain everyday, I'd wear couture gowns to sleep if I could afford them; but meanwhile, let's pretend I am too sensible and do not believe fashion should be so frivolous to just be about labels, and that I'd rather donate the money to children in need) Even though I do not spend heaps of money monthly, I find that I constantly need to keep shopping, even for cheap little things, to update my wardrobe and my look. I get bored of my things so easily, that I feel gross wearing the same top or dress more than twice!

What a high maintainance and ignorant bitch I am, well, I know you'll love it!