Monday, August 31, 2009

I bought the American Vogue September issue a few days ago... and it reminds me why I hadn't bought it for so long.

US Vogue SUCKS. I'm sorry, I don't care if Anna Wintour is supposed to be the Queen Bee, the Holy Saint of fashion, the untouchable. Her magazine sucks.

First, in no exaggeration, the first 4/3 of the magazine is solid advertisements. I got so annoyed flipping through pages and pages waiting to find SOME magazine content, and then, when I found them. I wondered if I bought an old issue. The styling is so boring and frankly quite outdated. I feel like I've seen it all already... and a long time ago!!!

However, flipping through the pages, an ad for Conde Nast Store caught my attention, and I visited their online gallery for a pleasant surprise:

It's basically a huge library of Vintage fashion images!! I love it!! The old school fashion photography is just so breath taking, the composition is more graphic, and the colour use are vivid. The shapes are revoluntionary, even to this date!

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Anonymous said...

LOL you are so correct about everything you wrote!!! US vogue is a disturbing relic of styling. Chanel suits mixed with suburban prissy housewives. I have long moved my subscriptions to other magazines. I do say bravo to the queen bee if she wanted to reduce the magazine to capture the COSMO reader. -Wen