Monday, August 31, 2009

My recent most exciting fashion find...

One of the most exciting things I bought recently is not an item of clothing, not accessories, not shoes!
They're simply a few 2nd hand props to neatly organise/display my accessories! I have so many bangles and rings that it's hard to find a way to store them. Sure, I suppose I COULD just put them all in a big old box, but that way I'd often forget what I own, and not use them to their best or buy things I already have! These props are just the PERFECT way to display them :-) Since I am much of an exhibitionist. Hehe, I'd like to show off, even just to myself :-P

Plus somehow you never know where to find these things when you actually look... I just stumbled upon them when shopping in Sham Shui Po for materials to make my accessories! They are only $10-$20 each. They have been used hence a little old, but still in very usable conditions!

Lovessss it! MAD!

Some from my latest collection, Vive.

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