Monday, August 31, 2009

Yet another attempt...

So I am setting up a new fashion blog, again! I wanted to start a blog which focuses primarily on Fashion, something I had tried before but the un-user-friendliness of Blogger had condensed my enthusiasm for it. (or I was just too attached to Xanga that adapting to a new blogging home was too difficult for me?) (and more precisely, that 'attempt' lasted for no more than 2 posts, ANYWAYS...)

I also currently write a fashion blog at, a popular forum-based website in Hong Kong. However, I am required to write in Chinese there, and I find that writing in Chinese also takes away some of my enthusiasm and drive to keep it up, since it is too time consuming for me, and also that I am supposed to post only once every 2 weeks, but I am such a quick tempered person, things that interest me right now, would bored me to death in 2 weeks time, hence, by that time, I'd have lost sight of what I wanted to write about already....I want to write a blog now now now, with new hot now things! Right this second!

So, let's embark on this new journey!

I recently quit my job, which many of you know... was a complete hell hole, also a place I do not want to look back. Whatever happened, now I am jobless, was it a wise decision to quit without landing a new job first? I do not want to look back no more and torture myself. Sometimes not having a job make it hard to keep a focus, and I find myself slowly slipping away from my fashion-filled everyday fantasy land. Another thing is that, being the shopping addict that I am, now that I do not have INCOME, I feel too bad when I shop.... and I realised why it is so important to have a job. No, not because of a 'future', not because of making one self purposeful, no no no, I have one simple selfish mission. I need to shop, I need income, money in the bank, so I can justify my shopping, and to continue shopping. I am not a designer labels girl (mainly becasue I can't afford them, otherwise you'll bet I'm blinging out full gear in Balmain everyday, I'd wear couture gowns to sleep if I could afford them; but meanwhile, let's pretend I am too sensible and do not believe fashion should be so frivolous to just be about labels, and that I'd rather donate the money to children in need) Even though I do not spend heaps of money monthly, I find that I constantly need to keep shopping, even for cheap little things, to update my wardrobe and my look. I get bored of my things so easily, that I feel gross wearing the same top or dress more than twice!

What a high maintainance and ignorant bitch I am, well, I know you'll love it!

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