Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Exciting New Finds!

I'm planning for my next accessories collection and these are some of the new amazing materials I'll be working with! Be sure to check back for some feroshness for your neck and wrists!

I got this triangle necklace from a new-ish shop called Chapel last week. I love the simplicity of it a lot.

Got my kick ass new boots! They are amazing but I do just look like a giant with them on... expecting a lot of stares on the streets of hong kong...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

PLAYBACK! Wear your water bottles!


Helping the environment just got a lot easier!

Based in Brooklyn, Playback is an eco-friendly clothing company in it's truest form. Noting the importance of reusing and recycling, the clothier goes so far as to produce unisex tees and sweatshirts from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles - in other words, plastic beer, water, and soda bottles.

Their five step process optimizes on discarded plastics and cotton textiles that would otherwise sit in a landfill and hurt our planet.

Available in Beer Bottle Brown, Soda Bottle Green, and Water Cooler Blue, their shirts are 65% recycled polyester from PET bottles, and 35% recycled cotton, and their yarn is ring spun to ensure you won't be able to tell you're wearing that water bottle you tossed at the gym last week.

Each shirt uses about 8.5 plastic bottles to make, and considering Americans toss 2 million plastic bottles every ten minutes, it's a great way to help Mother Earth.

And the best part is that, priced from $22-$44, they're more than affordable.

Playback also makes tees from recycled cotton in an array of colors and designs, but we think that the recycled PET bottles are just the most.

Pick up your recycled tee at!



So I read about this foil like metallic nail trend from magazines months ago, but was lead to believe it was only available in certain exclusive manicure salons.... so have I completely missed out on the launch of this amazing version by Maybelline called Mirror Magic or is this not even available in Hong Kong yet? I need to get my hands onto this!!

Disappointingly tho, from the reviews I've read online so far... users complained that the nail varnish started chipping very quickly and the high shine did not last long...

STILL!! I don't care! Get me a bottle!

Other similar options:

Chanel, Kaleidoscope

Steel-ing the Scene by Essie

Stargazer, Chrome

4/8/2011 UPDATE!!! See my latest post on Minx-like nails. My prayers have been heard!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tommy Ton now at

The great Tommy Ton, owner and photographer of style blog I LIVE FOR Jak and Jil, is now blogging at and winning the world over with his sleek alluring photography skills.

Here are some of my favourites:


MADDDDDDDDDDDD love for this collection!

It's everything I love.

Megan Fox for Nylon Magazine

I'm loving the styling here: the hard core studded blazer, the sharp tailoring mixed with the casualness of the plaid, the denim and the stripes. This eclectic mixture should be a winner look for this coming fall! It enjoys the sharp tailoring that will dominate but seperate you from your clone-like piers with the casual twist to it! Don't forget the beanie too :-)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jade Tips

I've had my eyes on this gorgeous shade of new nail polish from Chanel for a while! There were quite a bit of hyper for it in the press but the launch day is only just arriving. DIVINE!

A new refreshing shade of nail polish can really update a look with a minimised budget!

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'd rather die

I don't care if this is supposed to be trendy or radical, but I'd rather die than be caught in this horridness. What the Eff to the Kay? Just as passionate as I am in warning the world that leggings are NOT pants, let me tell you, I did not know things could get worse.

Cycling shorts. REALLY?? Do I have to tell you that they are not pants? Who told you it was OK to walk out of your house like this? and with white socks?

Proenza Schouler SS10 HAIRRRRRRRRRRR

I LOVEEE the hair on Proenza's latest catwalk. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

However, since I am still living under my parent's roof and not ready to get disowned any time soon... I better not.


Being Dead is Not Too Bad

Dior's new fine jewellery collection: << Reines et Rois >>


For more a more affordable death... see JAM HOME MADE's AW09/10 options from "Magic Jackson"

They are available at SILLY THING or JHM's Online Shop.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Alexa Cheung Formula

Being the fashion icon that she is, there is clearly a formula to her style, apart from her emphasized use of her vintage leather bags and black ankle boots to the simple block dresses, she has a strong girl next door appeal to her, she has a great likeable style of her own but she is never intimidating. To me she is somewhat too safe, but she's always a pleasure to look at, with that face and that killer body! All her outfits has a strong school girl vibe to it, as if saying, hey what's up mate, I'm just a harmless school girl.... don't mind me! But of cuz, slowly and subtly she is making her mark in fashion. Subtlety is under-rated, lots of people don't realise how HARD it is to be subtle sometimes! With so many choices, it's so hard to resist piling on too much and ends up with a messy look that could not send out the message you intended.

FASHION NATION used to be one of my daily regular sites to check out for inspirations, it was closed down a while ago due to hand-over to a new owner, but I'm glad to discover it's back up and running even better as ever!

It showcases some of the most exciting Fashion Photographers of today and it's such a breath of fresh air to look at as always!

Here's a few for a taster:

MARIA BLAISSE for Dazed & Confused

Love the simple gemotrics, it also has a very vintage feel to me, when fashion designers were more bold to intorduce new shapes and silhouettes to the world. I love it!


Gorgeous.... absolutely breathtaking colours and composition.