Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Alexa Cheung Formula

Being the fashion icon that she is, there is clearly a formula to her style, apart from her emphasized use of her vintage leather bags and black ankle boots to the simple block dresses, she has a strong girl next door appeal to her, she has a great likeable style of her own but she is never intimidating. To me she is somewhat too safe, but she's always a pleasure to look at, with that face and that killer body! All her outfits has a strong school girl vibe to it, as if saying, hey what's up mate, I'm just a harmless school girl.... don't mind me! But of cuz, slowly and subtly she is making her mark in fashion. Subtlety is under-rated, lots of people don't realise how HARD it is to be subtle sometimes! With so many choices, it's so hard to resist piling on too much and ends up with a messy look that could not send out the message you intended.

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