Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alexander Wang Spring Summer 2010

I went through quite an emotional journey clicking through the catwalk photos of Wang's latest collection on Style.com.... He must be the design I look forward to seeing the most these days, I love love love the Wang Cool factor.


I was absolutely horrified at the beginning... I was like, oh my god, what's going on?? Where did the cool go? What the hell is this mess? I DID NOT like it, and I could not believe myself for feeling that. These aren't UGLY, they'd be ok on any other catwalks, but NOT Wang. Wang's known for making women feel great and putting out killer wearable pieces. No? Who's gonna feel fabulous in these washed down colours and hobo styles?

and then mid-way, I saw these... and I was like, hmmm... ok, these are a lil' better, I'd maybe wear them, but still, not lovin' it. 

but then... more of these came up... and I was well relieved!! It's still here, still here....

I'm LOVINGGG these peep toe ankle zip+lace up boots! with the socks! PHENOMENAL.

P.s. Can I just say, I LOVEEEEEEE anything with Freja in it. I mean, she makes those ill fitting leather pants look COOL. I love her!!!! Can I marry her? FREJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

(Sorry, another stalker outburst again...)

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