Friday, September 4, 2009

Amber Valletta for V Magazine

This set of photos pretty much sums up everything I love at the mo. I have been shamlessly obsessed with all things studded for a couple of years now. I live for studs completely, but even I wonder at a point that, will us studs-maniacs look back one day at our fully studded wardrobe and be like WTF!? I mean, for every mega trend that spreads way out of control, there comes a point we get so sick of it we start loathing. Studs were cool to spice up your wardrobe with that little bit of punk spirit once upon a time, but now when even the "C-Lai"s (meaning middle aged housewives) have them all over their tees and jeans it's THAT mainstream, it's like, uh uh!

Well, while we still can, enjoy it. Bling out your studded victories like there's no tomorrow because very soon there won't be.


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