Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ditching leather bags

Today when I browsed in H&M, I got myself a new, simple and I-can-use-it-everyday, black middle sized bag. The handfeel is lovely and soft, the bag is rather drapey and very light. I like the minimal gold zippers and the salmon pink lining combination.

But what I LOVE MOST about it is that, on the material label inside, it states the shell material as IMITATION LEATHER. What a lovely word, not PVC, but imitation leather, haha, I love it!! I feel instantly better about using it. Like the truth has been sugar coated for me to feel like I live in a free luxury world. (OK I don't know what i am talking about)

and it's only $249! When ya broke, jobless, u gotta make sacrifices! eh?

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