Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fantasy Prints!!!

So, apparently fashion decided that pretty florals just aren't enough anymore. Since a few seasons ago, the catwalks has been bombarded with crazy, never seen before all over prints. The prints get a fantasy make over, inspired by vintage images, paintings, galatical warriors,wild life, digital images of jewels or even nuclear explosions! The key is that these images are to be printed all over the clothing, instead of a small concentrated fashion graphic on the front or something. I'm all for this trend, as I feel that it's always been hard to buy a nice all-over print on garments if you don't like romantic floral/artistic abstract prints. The designers have come up with very interesting results, but I only wish for them to be ripped-off for the high street soon so us mere mortals can afford them!!

I feel that THE print that started all this craze was probably the controversial Horse Print tee over at Martin Margiela. (It took the fashionistas world wide by storm but Mr. Margiela was accused of plagiarising the work of David Penfound, well, at actually, to be honest, he practically copied the whole print identically!)

As worn here by my goddess Kate Lanphear.

Next up is Alexander McQueen's Spring Summer 2009 collection, the digital prints are pretty abstract to clearly see the direct inspirations, but I'd say it's kind of like a mix of anatomy and enlarged diamonds and jewels? Anyhow, this is definitely one of my favourites, and I wish I could own a pair of them leggings! GORGEOUSSSS! (Also see: Balenciaga)

Mary Katrantzou's prints, when they started off major, were inspired by large dramatic unique necklaces she makes from unusual materials. For this Autumn Winter season, she draws new inspirations from Perfume Bottles! but I'd say the same spirit is still there!

The famous Christopher Kane gorilla dress, as worn by Rihanna here. I absolutely love the energy the image gives off, FIERCEEEE!!!

Love these wild print tees too.

Philim Lim's jewel print top. Dramatic and Chunky accessories are definitely the highlight of the season, I feel that as beautiful as they are, the weight of them can make it hard to wear day-to-day! It gets tiring! hehe! So these digital jewel prints are the perfect alternative to still add that flamboyant glamour to your wardrobe!

 Manish Arora

 Limited Edition New York

Basso and Brooke, recently made superstars-to-watch-out-for when the lovely Michelle Obama declared her love publicly in one of their creations.

Christine Kane here again creating magic, in his Resort 2010 collection. Apparently these prints were inspired by a set of nuclear test shots from the 50s and 70s. Damn they are beautiful!! I love them soooo much!

 There are so many more....!!!

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