Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fashionable Friends

Must fashionistas always travel in clans? It's a magically beautiful picture everytime a photograph manages to capture a group of well dressed friends, but I wonder if you, fellow fasionistas, choose your friends and the people you surround yourself with, based on looks? Do you feel ashmed to be out with friends who are less stylish than you, or do you think stylish people just naturally gather together because of their same concious and love for fashion?

Is a stylish best friend your best fashion accessory?

I never choose my friends based on looks, somehow I even feel that people who care less about their looks are easier to hang out with, less uptight and self obsessed. HOWEVER, a tiny little evil part of me wants to re-style everyone around me so that we can all be fabulous when we're out together and be the envy of the town. What!? Don't tell me you weren't thinking it... Seriously, I do wish to have more close friends who share the same passion in fashion as me, so that we can share information and treasure hunt new fashion finds together.


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