Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Marc Jacobs says NO to studs....PLUS photos of his Spring Summer 2010 collection

Wow. Now, listen, you all know Marc Jacobs is the King of Hip, and whatever he says, us mere mortals should bow down to and listen. Marc says:

(As reported on Style.com)

Marc Jacobs is tired of seeing young girls wearing black and studs. "It's not such an individual expression," he said after his terrific Spring show, the underlying message of which could've been, duh, be an individual. "If last season was a trip back in time to the eighties," he continued, "this was a trip to the theater, the ballet, the opera."

Ok girls... it's time for us to burn all our beloved all things studded? I'll be crying. Sob Sob.

and now, here's his new collection:

I actually really love this collection by Marc. I've always admired him for pushing the boundaries, keeping it real and just being the best stylist ever! But this collection is above all else very wearable, I love the mix and match factor, the layering with the ruffled, romantic dresses over plain pressed shirts. Love the colour pallette too. I also think he's heavily influence by fashion bloggers, the likes of Susie Bubble, Tavi from Style Rookie etc... The pastel toned lingerie/bra layering look is very Susie-like!!
And he looks so happy here!! Awwww....!!!

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