Tuesday, September 29, 2009



So I read about this foil like metallic nail trend from magazines months ago, but was lead to believe it was only available in certain exclusive manicure salons.... so have I completely missed out on the launch of this amazing version by Maybelline called Mirror Magic or is this not even available in Hong Kong yet? I need to get my hands onto this!!

Disappointingly tho, from the reviews I've read online so far... users complained that the nail varnish started chipping very quickly and the high shine did not last long...

STILL!! I don't care! Get me a bottle!

Other similar options:

Chanel, Kaleidoscope

Steel-ing the Scene by Essie

Stargazer, Chrome

4/8/2011 UPDATE!!! See my latest post on Minx-like nails. My prayers have been heard!


Anonymous said...

I effin want this nail polish!

Polish20 said...

Yes I'm going to get the stargazer from EBAy. I want something as close to Minx as I can get.

Anonymous said...

you cant buy the chanel one anymore it was a limited edition!!! :(

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, you are an image thief!

Connie Lo said...

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to 'steal' any image. I do not claim that any of these photos are taken by me, they are just images I saved from the internet when I researched these types of nail varnishes online-- I could not take my own photos as we do not have these products selling here.