Thursday, September 3, 2009

POP magazine with Tavi from the Style Rookie

So, apparently this is the new cover for the new issue of POP magazine, with Tavi from the Style Rookie on the cover. (She is a teenage fahsion blogger with the craziest outfits at the age of only 13!)

I'm not sure if this is the official cover, because it doesn't seem to be as reported on most websites... I only saw this photo from Coco's Tea Party, but I prefer it much more! It has a very Almodovar graphic feel to it. Wish I could blow it up and have it as a poster on my wall!

More importantly, where the freck can I buy POP magazine in HK anymore? I think Page One used to distribute it, but when I paid visits to the Times Square Page One recently, the selection of magazines seems to have shrunky massively... did I just go at the wrong time or what?? Highly Disappointed. What's going on? Where's LOVE/POP/TANK/ANOTHER MAGAZINE/JA'LOUSE

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