Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Purple Magazine Issue12

My girl Freja killing it on the cover!!!

This set of photos really got me thinking... these models here, are, undoubtedly, supermodels on our days, celebrity models even! Now switch to celebrity "models" of Hong Kong... the very talked about Chrissie Chow etc... what's the difference here? Aren't the models here even more sexual and naked than Chrissie? but no one's hating on them!! No parents are complaining about them! Fashionistas all over the world worship these images by the famously provocative Terry Richardson. Why is this for the sake of art, but Chrissie being unfairly compared to prostitutes? I'm definitely not a fan of Chrissie or any of the "models" in Hong Kong, not because they get naked or sexy or whatever, but I don't see any potentials in them being a model... their facial expressions in photos are always the same, their poses are lame, and there's really nothing special about them. But being compared to prostitutes? That is way too harsh, and the "celebrity" who made that comment just lowered herself by dissing at other people in such a lame ass way... not naming names, but if you know who I'm talking about, she dissed them on her blog using half chinese, half english, some chinglish words that are just lazy.... You think you're such a great role model huh? What are you doing to educate the children of today? What are you helping with illiteracy?! It'a quite a joke. Calling people names and throwing silly insults is just NOT classy man!

You may say that those HK sexy models are mass influencing the teenagers of today because they are everywhere on newspaper and magazines, but the internet makes the whole world so accessible these days, children can get their hands on ANYTHING they want really. They're all gonna see what they choose to see.

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