Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rodarte Spring Summer 2010

So here comes the new collection from the label that's got everyone in Hollowood addicted...

Generally, I do like the whole Tribal/Pagan vibe to this collection. I liked Rodarte a lot when it first came out: it hit all the right notes for me, I've always like the mixing of different materials tied together with a strong colour scheme. But Rodarte dresses seem like the type that can only be a one hit wonder, something you love and grow tired of later, it's actually pretty surprising to me that even Hollywood mainstream actresses are wearing their dresses to the Red Carpet til now... I wonder love ONE Rodarte dress once in my life, but that's enough. I mean, how many of these dresses can one own? They are quite a load to take in! The whole design is just so overwhelming and frankly quite messy. I'd really like to see Rodarte work towards a new, sleeker direction, otherwise I can't forsee people loving their stuff after this year, max.

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