Thursday, September 10, 2009

So excited! SATC 2

I could never get tired of watching Sex and the City. NEVER. I've watched the DVD so many times yet everytime I'm still mesmerised by all the fabulous outfits worn in the film. More than 2 hours of fashion heaven!!! LOVESSS it.

I'm so excited about the Sequel! There have been sneaky pictures of the characters at work all over the net already thanks to the crazy fans who stalks them whereever they're on set. So far tho, not loving it. The outfits are much more toned down I guess, in a way more realitic, but I want absolutely crazy fabulous Particia Field give it to us!

These are so far the only ones that tickle my interest. Oooooh, wonder what the storyline is about!

So Madonna circa. "Desperately Seeking Susan"!! Mad love!

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