Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Still BOILING but here comes Autumn Winter 2009-10

So now let's ignore the physical uncomfort of melting still and let our mentality travel alone to welcome the new Autumn Winter season.

I'm still waiting to try out the fabulous Strong shoulder trend, because those Balmain-like kick ass blazers are still too hot to wear!

My favourite ad. campaigns so far are...

Louis Vuitton featuring Madonna

I'm not too crazy about this brand (tho Marc Jacob is GOD undoubtedly), but I do like the colours and partial effects on these photos. I am also quite intrigued by the clear sequinning work on the monogram clutch, they look rather fabulous, and I want to slap myself. WHAT??? Connie, you hate the LV monogram bags. They are for label whores, remember? Stop lusting!
Also, how many more years can Madonna keep looking fab with Botox? Scary.

Balenciaga featuring Jennifer Connelly

I find myself very much agreeing to the choice of Spokesperson for this brand here. Jennifer Connelly is such a strong female, she has this force that just sucks you in so intensely. I love her as an actress and I love her beauty. She is so unique and truly irreplaceable, definitely not just another Hollywood bore. I wasn't sure at first when I saw these photos, because Jennifer does look a little... old? in them. But the more and more I look at them, I feel so mesmerised by her beauty, and I decided the maturity just makes it better. Requiem for a dream. Let's dream.



There is just too much hotness in one picture my mind is exploding. My dream girls Freja, Raquel and Anja all in the same photo? What? My christmas has definitely come early. I love the energy in these pictures, and definitely the clothes and styling too. It's just such a great package of coolness. I definitely love Gucci since Frida Giannini.

Miu Miu
Love the muted tones. So Sensual.

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