Friday, September 4, 2009

Thigh High Boots

This Fall trend of Thigh Hight Leather boots... do you think it will take its effect in mainstream? or more precisely do you think us mere mortals can wear them without looking like a fool?

Or more importantly, could we afford them (we can NOT), or would the High Street fairies grant our wishes and give us nice rip-offs?

Prada Fall Winter 2009-10: Am I boring? but I think these boots aren't very flattering! They make even the anorexic model's thighs look huge!
H&M makes it look so easy...!

I wish I could get a full-length shot of this photo I saw from the HK Elle September Issue of Zhang Ziyi wearing these UGLY thigh high boots, I can't remember where they are from, LV I think. They look HORRIBLE on her, the fabric/pattern is too much matched with the rather non-slimming slihouette of the boots!

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