Friday, November 27, 2009

Daul Kim

I've been too busy lately that I only just found out 2 days ago that one of my favourite supermodels, Daul Kim, committed suicide.

It saddened me to my core not only because I loved her so much as a model, but at the fact that a 20 years old, as beautiful as she is, as successful as she is, decided to end her life. I always knew she has a dark side, but something was possibly so bad that death was the only choice, it must have been so horrible.

So many girls in the world would do ANYTHING to be Daul, yet she didn't want to be anybody no more.

There is a part of me that still cannot believe this. You love someone so much and never expect they could just be gone the next day.

It just seems such a timely coincidence that my recent jewellery collection, was named "Deadly".

This is very wrong to say but there is such an alluring, mysterious obsession with death. You can't deny it.  It's somewhere you can't help getting drawn to peek into but you're lucky if you could stop yourself in time. The sometimes twisted portrayal of Death as glamourous, excitement to push boundaries keeps you addicted and on edge. Right now I cherish my life very much and suicide is definitely not something I can see myself ever do, but I would never judge someone who chooses this path, I do understand for some people, sometimes the pain they have is so much none of us can even get close to understand, and death is the only option. If you can't understand that, you are very lucky.

We can't choose to be born, so maybe we should at least be able to choose to die.

Here's a sneak peak, enjoy.

Enjoy life, while you can.

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