Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Working has kind of numbed me so bad lately that I'm confused with my "passion" with fashion.

and no inspirations for shopping either, hardly have time to do it and when I do, everything around seems so mediocore and cloned.

Either they are so unaffordable,

or when they are, the absolutely overflow of replicas put me off.

There is something very wrong with it when even Garden Street markets are already selling Over the Knee boots and Padded bikers for less then $200.

Being original and stylish is getting harder and harder!

What also slightly amuse/annoys me is all that hype from every freaking collaborations between high street stores and designers, namely the most recent Jimmy Choo x H&M. I just don't understand why people would wake up at god knows what time and queue for things that are even way over-priced to begin with? It is just "Jimmy-Choo" all in the same old H&M quality, are the garments even worth that much anymore when it's so non-exclusive and to the mass? Or am I just not passionate enough and not fashion-crazed enough?

In some way I just adore the times when every single items in our wardrobe has a special meaning to it, a story behing it and a feeling from a certain period that gets carried with the piece. NOT queuing up crazily just to get a piece of some big cake we're told to love. Being too desperate is so not chic, No? I don't get it! I don't get it!

Either I am just bitter because I was not in the queue or just too frustrated from not having any interesting to buy these days.


Or maybe I am just still holding grudge from the time I spent £200 on the Karl Lagerfeld x H&M collection years ago and the only 2 items I kept from returning aren't even with me anymore. One was ruined in a flood and another in my best friend's wardrobe now.

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