Friday, December 4, 2009


Thanks so much for all your support this past Saturday, I'm sure you'd agree we all had a blast!!

Apart from seeing all my lovely friends, it was so cherishable to get to know my fellow local designers who share the same ups and downs, passions and enthusiasm in what we do.

I'm so thankful and it finally feels like my hard work is starting to pay off and it's been great to get feedback and know there are interests!

It was a bit sad to part with some of my favourite pieces but I'm just glad they've found new homes that will loved them they way they deserve :-P Since a lot that's on my online shop are now gone, if you like any of the SOLD pieces, just drop me an email and they can be re-ordered, ready in around 5-7days. Just Ask!!

Stay tuned as I will be uploading even more onto my online shop and I will be in talks to sell publicly as a concession at my friend's fabulous shoe shop soon.

Love to hear from you all!

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