Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hey Hilary

What do y'all think about Hilary Tsui's style?

She is always noted as a "style icon" in Hong Kong, always in the "Best Dressed" List, but the question is, do you think she deserves it?

Personally I don't think she is that amazing, but I must admit I still do like looking at her clothes. Her style seems a bit too safe to me, and I hate it when she wears all grey, which she does a lot, cuz I think grey drags her down and she looks much better with colour, however tho she always manages to look stylish and chic!

Now that she has her own personal blog in which she uploads her daily outfits photos, I guess we can get to know her style even better rather than just seeing some sloppy photos the paparazzis take of her in the papers!

Here are some of my favourite outfits of her:

Colour looks good on her.

Simple and Classic.
Eccentric Hippie! Very different from her usual safeness so I love it.
Love the Preppy.
The dress is Rodarte and to me is way too messy, but again, color looks great on her!
This my favourite. I just like the overall mix of it a lot. The shoes with the tee.

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