Monday, May 24, 2010

Love Me Some Vintage

In recent years I have been finding high street hard to surprise me or made me feel good anymore, Vintage shopping seems to be the sure thing that can still excite me everytime I managed to hunt down an absolute gem.

Some pieces are so bizzare that I don't ever even think I would have a chance to wear it, but I like collecting them :) Here are some of my favourties recently- LOVESSS IT!

My new conquer! Saw it, loved it, bought it in less than 2 mins- instant mad love!

This I don't think is actual vintage but it sits brilliantly with the rest. Love the jade colored beads.

I love the color of this dress and the style is so 1940s, so authentic looking, the details are gorgeous and it actually fits me pretty well. I rock it up with some studded sandals and cuffs, together with this beautiful favourite necklace of mine.

This necklace is phenomenal!!

Beautiful details at the back with a self-covered belt buckle.

This is one of my absolute favorite of all time- a vintage Thierry Mugler wrap dress. The style is so contemporary still, and it fits me to perfection, the cinched waist and fixed front drape is so flattering, with shoulder pads and the asymetrical lapels just give it the perfect quirk.

I was gobsmacked when I hunted this baby down- a vintage VALENTINO BOUTIQUE silk chiffon print dress! It is pretty amazing and unebeliveable but there is no doubt this is a real vintage, the expensive piece silk screen print, the super soft chiffon, the perfectly ruffled hand binded hem. I love this dress so much tho I am yet to find the perfect occasion to wear it. It reminds me of Mrs. Robinson so much.

This is not a branded dress, just a gorgeous Pink Salmon colored Crushed Velvet dress with the lovely stand collar and asymmentrical hemline. It looks stunning but a litle see through so quite hard to wear, especially when it is very body hugging. I probably need to starve for 3 days to look good in it.

Leomania heatset pleated dress with the most vivid Leopard print ever! It's so Jeremy Scott! Lovessss it! Got shoulder pads as well. It was slightly too long and the silhouette was quite mumsy, so I cut it to a few inches above the knees.

My most wearble finds-  faux ostrich leather bag I found in Paris, AMAZING boho belt I found in Leeds, and a Polka dot print top with like an extra layer like a cape/scarf, it's cool!

Lastly, my beloved box clutch in patent faux croc.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

You have no one to blame but yourself

Morning Beauty | Jessica Stam by Sølve Sundsbø

Sølve Sundsbø is one of my absolute favourite photographers, his point of view is so unique and his photos always have a surreal, out of this world, monstrous/alien quality to it.
Teaming up with Jessica Stam is just 2 times fabulous.

From Vogue Italia November 2008

I absolutely adore this set of photographs, especially the first two. I would have them as wallpapers in my home.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The One

Finding the perfect vintage wedding dress
Is almost as hard as finding the one you want to walk down the aisle with, right?

I want lots and lots of beautiful victorian laces, just slightly aged and ivory colored.
I want a victorian collar, quarter length sleeves, and a long slender silhouette.
I want a little hat with flowers and tulle.
I want a tattoo to go with my dress and mark my day.
I want to wear the red heels my mum got married in, and hope that it will bring  me good luck, to have as happy a marriage as my parents'.

Wouldn't that be lovely?