Thursday, November 25, 2010

by Cedric Bihr

So in love with you right now

Shirts and Ties, Loafers and Socks.

Back to the Basics.

The Scent of Anna Dello Russo

Anna, please let me be a fly on your wall in your extravagant mansion. Let me be a puppy on the floor, your maid, your table, your coat hanger! I need to be BE THERE!! I love you!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

taipei memories

bit of winter styling

fairisle leggings with a nude colored blazer
oversized coat over a a fitted biker. outerwear on outerwear. more is more!
draping jewellery
a bright sweatshirt with tights and clogs
shimmer shimmer on your finger
A khaki floral trenchcoat with red socks. Nude with Red.
shorts and chunky woolly thigh high socks. leopard print oversized shirt mixed with neutrals.
customise your own denim shirt with cut outs and embellishments

Thursday, November 4, 2010

je ne suis rien pour toi?

il ne suffit pas...

juste un peu..?

juste l'un des...?

je ne suis pas juste une amie... tu sais?


Je ressens chaque jour, ta présence derrière moi

Je te cherche mais ne te vois pas

Je ne peux plus faire face je me suis désistée

Je deviens folle, plus rien n’est drôle


Liu Wen by Greg Kadel for VOGUE GERMANY Nov 2010

你一臉無辜 不代表你懵懂

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

有些人認識好多年卻覺得陌生 有些人見一面就像認識了幾輩子 這叫緣份。有些時日悶的發霉 有些大事一夕發生 這叫天意。有時心小的連一個眼神都容不下 有時心大到天塌了都從容不迫 這叫歷練。勇氣能帶你得到智慧 懦弱帶給你更大的懦弱。