Thursday, April 7, 2011

An Alternative to 'Minx' Nails

My prayers have been heard!

I realise many of you were very much interested in my old post about Minx nails and various foil-like nail varnishes. This trend has been around for a while, yet I haven't been able to locate an affordable way to achieve the look...

My boyfriend recently got me these 'foil stickers' for nails from the internet! They are fairly cheap comparatively, and have many patterns you can choose from. You trim the stickers into your own nail size, place it against your cuticle to start with, soften it by hot blow drying it a while, then stretch it over your own nail for a smooth finish. Lastly, just trim off/ file off excess at tips and sides! It is actually quite easy, but it takes a few times to perfect it.

I still need more time to perfect my skills.... here are some photos to share. (Excuse me, my nails are in extremely bad conditions right now. I will post better photos once I perfect my skills with these nail stickers and some much needed moisturiser lol)

Are you interested? Leave me a message!

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