Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quirky, Unique, Creative Baby Clothes, Kidswear and more...

Happy Children's Day!
This used to be one of my favourite days of the year, I would get gifts from my parents and they would take me and my brother out to play!

I'm dedicating this post to sharing some of my favourite kidswear brands with you all.
Most of the kidswear these days and basically just shrunken miniature versions of adults fashion, which makes you wonder where the fun at?

If you can't dress crazy when you're a baby, when can you? Here's to the creative forces out there who keeps kidswear fresh and inspiring.

Some of my favourite kidswear brands...

OPUS- my favourite!!! It's crazy cool.

Great Kidswear Online Magazines:
My favourite Blogs of Stylish Kids:

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