Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If You Thought You Knew, Think Again: Bart Hess , Misha Kahn , Michelle Baggerman

Bart Hess designed Slime Art for the video "Born This Way" from Lady Gaga and now he also designed the Bart Hess the slime-outfit for Lady Gaga's new album 'Born this way'!

photo credits of the Slime outfit for new Album: Nick Knight

Misha Kahn made his Flouride Chair by draping soft, cast rubber between an angular walnut and steel frame, creating an interesting contrast between the mint blue skin and the taught, bright red bungees that hold the structure together.

components: powder coated steel, walnut, cast rubber, bungee cords

‘Precious Waste’,by Michelle Baggerman, a textile made entirely out of used plastic shopping bags that were spun into yarns and then woven. The plastic shopping bag can be transformed by pure hand work into a beautiful and strong material, suitable for a wide range of purposes. When this textile is eventually worn out it can still be recycled in the conventional way, because it’s not a mixed material, and can become a new product once again.

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