Friday, December 9, 2011

2012 Jewelry Trends- installment 1

As often as I can, I will share with you the things that catch my eyes and my inspirations behind my creations for my handmade jewelry line- Nutcase. Most importantly, I just want to share the beautiful beautiful works of almost art with these. Jewelry are so underestimated sometimes. They shouldn’t be called accessories anymore, for they are the main course served here obviously!

I love wearing agate and stones jewelry as it gives me such a sense of cool hip precious. I love the irregular patterns and colors in an agate and love to see it mixed with other materials for such an interesting clash. Conventionally people liked to wear jewelry with one precious agate or stone as centerpiece, but now, there are just no rules. Pile it on! More is more.

This is one of the most refreshing trend I observed recently. I call it bar and dangle as a vague concept name that these styles all has an interesting form with a horizontal ‘bar’-like component, adorned with a hanging centre piece or dangling with adornments of sorts.


Can this trend ever get tiring? I guess not! We all carry on to be obsessed with all things bold, geometric and larger than life! It just instantly gives your look a character and says something about you to the world. This neon green cluster of craziness necklace is just unstoppable! Though I wonder how heavy it is on the wearer- comfort is something I am also concerned with when designing my jewelry. It is always always important to make me customers comfortable when wearing my jewelry, any sharp edges that hurt? Any materials irritating to the skin? Any shape and form that will keep messing up when you move around and gives you inconvenience? Is it SO heavy that it makes you exhausted and hurts your neck by wearing it? I always try to consider these points when designing. As much as I am a huge fan of drama and boldness, and agree on the saying ‘style costs comfort’, there should always be a balance and reasonable compromise. 
I like how simple this trend is. That’s all.
Neon continues to be a favorite among fashion lovers, most recognizably the works by Tom Binns. Personally I feel this theme is a little been-there, done-that, but would like to explore it further to see how it can be applied In more innovative methods: materials/ combinations/ colors etc. I like how Tom Binns had painted the neon yellow necklace in such an irregular way, almost like it is accidentally dripping paint. Particularly I LOVE the neon pink nylon woven rope used here on this necklace as replacement to a neck chain, in contrast with the expensive looking jewels, it looks FAB!

Fringes, feathers, dangling chains. It’s everywhere! They are easy to wear and relatively a blend-in style for those who are less experimental. I love the fringe anklet here! What a great accessory that anyone can easily make themselves too! (wink wink DIY idea alert)

Spikes is not a new theme yet it is explored further here to make it a refined, glamourous, elegant item, instead of the hardcore punk vibe often associated with it. This set of yellow stone spikes necklace and earring is just exquisite. So simple but so unique, the earring looks like one of those earhole enlargement ear bars the Camden Town punks would wear.

love, Connie @ Nutcase Fashion

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