Friday, July 27, 2012

I guess I was too naive and had my guard down.
Are you kidding me right now??? you figured that one out by yourself??? really?? you didn't steal it right under my nose when all I did was trust you with it all??

Stop stealing my shit and copying my shit!!! You can steal all you want, but you can never steal my brain. I am so freaking furious right now and this is the one place I can rant.

I can't believe I almost let someone steal it all right under my nose, I should have realised it when I saw the first sign. I am glad I stopped the damage when I saw enough signs.

A designer should never trust anyone with their future plans!! never!! guess I should have known better.

You should be ashamed of yourself, you have copied my shit and reference my shit way too often that it's becoming too obvious now. and now you copied my trend predictions, well you know what. My inspirations will keep coming and who else are you going to copy next? Sorry!

love, Connie @ Nutcase Fashion

Friday, July 20, 2012

Neon Necklaces- this summer's neon mania!

You don't need us to tell you Neon is the hottest trend this summer, you can see it everywhere, all the high street stores are flooding with the neon stuff from tops, dresses, denim n accessories. So how to approach this trend without shining like a rainbow hot mess with some grace?

Accessories has always been a good channel to dip into a trend- it doesn't dominate your whole look that it makes you generic and too "on trend" (it can get a bit desperate looking innit?), and you can easily mix it up with any other outfits to create interesting new themes. Versatilities and possibilities accessories can bring to the table is probably the reason I love jewelry so much too to start with.

Which is why I chose to inject all this neon fun into my latest summer collection. It offers a range of affordably priced, unique neon necklaces +more that is truly one of a kind. Honestly, a lot of what's available out there is very Tom Binns/Dannijo inspired- the mass of neon painted rhinestone pieces of exploded onto the scene. It is what I'm insisting to stay away from to truly provide you something that is unlike any style you will see elsewhere, real statement jewelries that's making a statement and setting you apart from the others. True to Nutcase's design aesthetics of mixing up unlikely combos of materials, I used a lot of colourful ropes, chunky chains, iridescent coated beads (Iridescence also being one of the hottest trends this summer!) and most significantly, long fierce spikes studs. I love using spikes and studs because it reminds me to always be rebellious, to always retain the punk spirit and think outside the box. The end result is stunner pieces that will take you onto another level with this neon trend. They can easily be paired up with boxy tees for a so cal day look or rocked with a sports luxe dress for night time glamour. I'm very interested to see how my customers style them! The collection is called The Neon Mermaid, as can be seen I was also heavily inspired with the sea and water world and the idea of a sparkling mermaid donning my neon jewels ignited my creative juices to design the pieces.

That's all from me for now! Just wanted to share some of my thoughts on this huge neon mania this summer and introduce you to the collection :D they are available in my official online shop:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Are You Kidding Me?: Matalan= Fashion???!!!

This post has been long overdued. As a fashion designer by day, I do a lot of research online of a wide range of the latest fashion news. I started coming across pieces from Matalan in retail trends reports and the name rang a deep hidden bell In my head…. Matalan.. Matalan… hmm… oh.. Matalan!!! The chain stores known for very cheap priced clothing, located in desserted locations which I visited randomly to research while studying my Fashion Degree in the U.K.!!! Also a store which in my memory sells sad pathetic granny looking clothes that nobody would ever want to buy, a name I would NEVER associate with fashion.

So it came at a surprise that these Matalan pieces randomly poping up on trend ports start catching my attention, and I had to go check out their website.

I couldn't believe my eyes!! OK, let's be honest, it's no topshop, but there were so many right-on-trend items and the prices are INSANE!! Almost cheaper than Primark!?? These were from a month back… their summer range: Pastels- check! Tropical prints leggings- check! Fierce jewelry- check! Music Festivals must haves- check!!! If you are on a budget but in need of a wardrobe update, Matalan might just be the stop you need to make. Who ever saw this coming, eh?

These are a few pieces from their coming A/W range… can't wait to see more.

I don't live in the U.K. anymore thus without a chance to check them out in person, so I have my reservations about the fit and quality still, but… WOW WOW WOW! Does it also prove once again to me that U.K. is THE place I need to be at to persue my fashion career?! Even the less 'forward' labels are more forward than the 'forward' high street crap we have here…
love, Connie @ Nutcase Fashion

Monday, July 16, 2012

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love, Connie @ Nutcase Fashion

Friday, July 13, 2012

Neon Spikes Necklace GIVEAWAY!!

Don't forget to enter our giveaway with Aussie blog! We are giving away this necklace for free, named "Neon Mermaid", it is the inspirational piece behind my whole new Summer collection under the same title. Incoporating gorgeous colors of rainbows and neons and inspired by the undersea world, and as Nutcase crazy as always!

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love, Connie @ Nutcase Fashion