Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Daily dress up inspirations- streetwear shots of SS13 fashion weeks

WGSN has some great streetwear shots reports from all over the world that I love to look at, it's not everyday that we can wear the extravagant inexpensive larger-than-life looks from the Runway (probably no day at all! lol), so I love to look at what real people are wearing and get inspirations. Fashion week is especially the best time to observe as everyone puts their best foot forward.

Here are some of my favourites looks this seasons off the streets of Paris, London, NY and Milan.
The biggest trend this season is definitely the graphic tee, from Balenciaga's vintage sci-fic inspired, to givenchy's animal head, to playful texts and many more, this casual staple clashes in a perfect way with elegant/grand fabric bottoms that may otherwise be too aging for us 20 sth to wear, like the metallic brocades, leathers, tweeds, big lace and florals.... it's such a clever of styling it and is super fresh. Casual grpahic tees have always been great for styling, but the key here is to really pump up the grandness of the rest of the outfit, the most glamorous fabrics, piling on the blinging jewelries.

This I feel is a super affordable single purchase that can update your wardrobe in an instant, spot on for the Fall, a gothy sort of romantic look, but tough! any shades from a deep aubergine, to dark berry to wine for bottoms! Best in wax coated/spray washed skinnies! Love it and have seen this available at HM and Zara already.

Camel colors always add a nice classic tone for fall, brilliant to pair up with tonal shades borrowed from metallic gold/antique brassy colors from the foiled varieties and leather tans. Also nice to contrast it with serious black!

Must have: LEATHER SKIRTS! 'nuff said

So, basically, studs are EVERYWHERE this season and personally I love it too. These are 2 ways to do it. The more obvious- studs in denimwear, young, sassy and badass! Then, there is the pairing it with soft fabric layerings, making it more feminine. I love the popping pale lemon skirt here, so pretty!

the Grey sweater- or the quirky twisted version of a print twin set here, looks preppy glam with a golden baroquey skirt or print sequined skirt. 

The TWO single looks that inspire me the most, can't stop looking at the girl in the indigo skirt. Major with that baroque belt.

some other looks I love...

love, Connie @ Nutcase Fashion

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